About Me

Sssssssuh dudes?


My name is Mitch and I run Indie City Radio, announce/produce the podcast and do basically everything else that has to do with Indie City. I have a diploma in Broadcasting for Radio & Television and an extensive background in voicing and producing on-hold messages. #Fiyah


I now consider myself an indie broadcaster and am currently devoted to building Indie City as a brand through meaningful connections; to create a community of like-minded people that will help each other grow and prosper.


The History of

Indie City first began in August of 2012. I had just left a job working shift work 21 days on, 7 days off in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. I did this for one year to the day to save enough money to go to school somewhere, although I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to pursue yet. That's when, seemingly out of nowhere, Indie City grabbed onto me and plunged me into the world of music and broadcasting.


What started as a joke, quickly became fuel for a fire that still burns inside of me today. We were talking about radio; how some stations identify as an animal and use its roar/growl in their station imaging. What other animals could be used that would sound hilarious? That's when Eric put on his best radio voice and said "97.1 The Lemur [Insert Lemur Howl]". Don't ask me how he knew what a lemur howl sounded like but he nailed it. In fact, I found it so funny that I decided to create Lemur Radio for real and play my favourite 90s rock songs

Lemur Howl Imaging
90s Nostalgia Lemur Promo

One day I opened my email and found a message from a guy in a band called Poweys. He attached a few of his band's songs and asked if I wouldn't mind adding them to Lemur Radio. As soon as I listened to the first song I was blown away. Is this band famous? Why have I never heard of Poweys before? The rest is pretty fuzzy, but it led me to seeking out other bands to create the first ever episode of Indie City. Thankfully, I found this image in the attic of my computer to give my mind some validation.

First Indie City Poster