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Get featured on the Indie City podcast and Twitch 24/7 music channel! The Twitch station is mainly Rock/Metal and most sub-genres of the two. The podcast features a wider range of rock, metal, punk, pop & alternative in mainly genre specific episodes.

If your music is used, it will be used here:


Twitch: You may be added to the 24/7 playlist streaming all day every day.

Podcast: Indie City frequently puts out an hour long music podcast featuring songs that have been submitted. Hosted by Mitch M.

How to submit:

  • Upload your entire album to Google Drive (192kbps preferred). 

Then "Get shareable link" and email to

  • Upload your entire album via Dropbox (192kbps preferred) 

Click Share, copy the share link, then email to


ID3 Tags. Please tag your tracks with your band name, album and cover art. If you're unfamiliar with this check out Mp3tag (that's what I use). Sending MP3s is also recommended.

Please include as much information & links (Website, Twitter, Spotify, IG) as you can. If you have an EPK, that will do just fine.